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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Deputy Ambassador of British Embassy in Kabul visited Counter Narcotics Justice Centre

2018-07-24 CNJC Photo


Giles Lever Deputy Ambassador of British Embassy in Kabul met with CNJC Directors and visited from Detention Centre and photographic exhibition in highlighting the harm that illegal drug use cultivation, production, and trafficking causes.

The Deputy Ambassador Said We will to continue the technical and financial cooperation of our country with CNJC.  

He added that the Kingdom of Great Britain will review the cooperation and financial and technical assistance this center in 2020.

He underline about the success of this Center, and the achievements of the center have led the Government of Afghanistan to establish Anti-Corruption Justice Counter (ACJC) .

According to him, all offenders should be prosecuted according to the law He added that in the near future, the British Ambassador to Kabul will meet with the Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and discuss regarding the arrests of offenders outside of the country.

At this Meeting the Director of Appeal Court Abdul Quyum Halim  welcomed   Giles Lever Deputy Ambassador of British Embassy  he added We thank the financial and technical cooperation of the United Kingdom with CNJC.  And expect from  United Kingdom to  continue their  cooperation  in the future also . 

The head of the Appeals Court of Counter Narcotics Justice Centre point out for establishment of a research center to analyze the level of drug and drug trafficking offenses, in addition to examining the crimes and drug offenses of the center, as well as the anti-narcotics strategy.

At the same time Mohammed Arif Noori General Prosecution Director talked about activities and achievement of CNJC and the success efforts and result is from intelligence and security organ of the country along with cooperation of National Crime Agency (NCA) of United Kingdom Advisors.

General Prosecution Director of this Centre pointed out that lack of timely transfer of suspects from smuggling and drug trafficking from provinces to the center is a challenge to the prosecution process.

Prosecutor General Mohammed Arif Noori Prosecution Director, concluded the meeting, while appreciating the financial and technical assistance provided by the United Kingdom, called for further cooperation in the area of capacity building of CNJC Personnel. 

In this meeting the Director of primary Court Munira Baharki, along with Amanullah Nazari Director of Administrative, Commander of Detention Center Colonial Abdul Baiqi Hosain , and Director of Communication were presence.