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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Monthly Report

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Progress report of Investigation Laboratory department and General Prosecution Directorate of Counter Narcotics Justice Center (CNJC) 

Based on the report of investigation laboratory of police during the month of Sept – October 2017 a total of 42 cases were filed on suspicion of 54 people, including 4 public servants, 5 women and one Iranian citizen suspected of crimes against drugs from all over the country and primary investigation of all cases has been completed in the light of the Anti-Drug Law, and has been sent to General Prosecution Directorate of Counter Narcotics Justice Center for further investigation.

Based on information of CNJC general prosecution’s directorate, in addition to the previous month’s unprocessed cases of 63 and within this period, 41 new cases, from Investigation and laboratory police of (CNJC)   the total cases are 104, among those 39 cases of crime, alcohol and drug research has been completed.

Counter Narcotics Justice Center General Prosecution Directorate during the same period has referred 82 cases to the competent courts and has averted 43 cases to primary court, 24 cases to the appeal court, and 15 cases sent to Supreme Court’s public security bureau of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

According to the report of this department during the month of Sept – October 2017  in pursuance of 39 case of the primary court, in relation to 34 cases from special prosecution of appeal court, and  10 cases to the Supreme Court’s public security bureau of Islamic republic of Afghanistan the decision has been issued.

This department during the month of Sept – October 2017 received a total of 11 vehicles, and 54 different types of Mobile phone sets which were obtained from smugglers confiscated, and also the Amount of 31780 Afghani currency, attainment from the traffickers and sent to Da Afghanistan Bank.

Meanwhile during the month of Sept- October 2017 from the primary court of counter narcotics, 63  suspects , including 3 women, were sentenced to high imprisonment of 18 year, and lower imprisonment is one year convicted to punishment, and also during this time from the appeal court 24 person in high level of 20 years  imprisonment , and the lower level of  imprisonment is  five years and one month,  convicted to punishment and three others are released as there was no evidence found against them.   

The total amount of seized narcotics cases have been received by the CNJC Investigation and Laboratory Department in the month of October 2017 is written below

(61,182) kilograms of heroin

(54.41) kilogram of morphine

(1009.9) kilograms of opium

(2344, 12) kilograms of hashish 

(1316) kilograms of solid chemicals

(16295) liters of liquid chemicals

(1796,5) liters of alcoholic beverages

Provinces with most cases of alcohol and drugs crimes: Kabul and Nangarhar by having 10 cases each or topped up the list of provinces.

Provinces without alcohol and drugs crimes cases:Khost, Daikundai, Nurastan, Wardak, Samangan, Kandhar, Urzagan,Nemroz,Laghman,Jawzjan, Helmand, Ghor, Ghzani, Faryab, Farah, Bamyan, Balkh, Baghlan, and Badghis.