What is The Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC) ?

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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


More than 23 tons of drugs burned in Herat Province

2017-11-08 CJTF Photo

A total of 23 tons of different types of drugs and intoxicating were fired and burned in Herat province following the verdict of the Counter Narcotics Justice Center.

The following Drugs Include:

More than 161 kilograms of heroin

More than a kilogram of morphine

More than 2483 kilograms of opium

About 11 kg of amphetamine

More than 101 kg of Hashish 

508 liters of alcoholic beverages

Raisins, fermented, 1331 liters

Aseecane Edroid over 17,965 liters 

15053 kg of Solid Chemical 

This amount of drugs and oppressions was discovered during the year 1395 to 1396, in 282 

Separate operations by the Counter Narcotics Police in Herat province.. 

  In connection with the Drugs burned, 320 people were arrested, including 4 Iranian citizens, 2 women and 14 children, including about 41 major cases of smuggling, which had been punished by the judiciary and justice Center.

From the detainees, along with drugs and masks, 26 small and large vehicles, 13 motorcycles, 131 mobile telephones, 21 weapons-related equipment, 7 manual bombs, 392119 Afghans, 20,300 Indian currency, 18450000 Pakistanis currency and 35139 US dollars are also earned

 Article 18 of the Law gives the prosecutors and judges’ jurisdiction over cases involving: 2 or more Kgs of Heroin, 10 or more Kgs of Opium, 50 or over Kgs of Hashish and chemical procurors, 50 or over liters of Alcohol.