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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Salamat Azimi:Minster of Counter Narcotics: for fighting against narcotics we need regional approach

2017-10-11 CJTF Photo


Minister of Counter narcotics said to fight against smuggling and drug production in the country requires a regional approach.

Salamat Azimi said in At the Senior Anti-Drug Experts Meeting in the Kabul Summit, The scattered and isolated struggle of governments is not a nod to this problem Governments can put in their policies, joint struggles at the top of their agenda.

Minister of Counter narcotics added that "The neighboring countries of Afghanistan, including Iran, Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, will be effective in realizing the regional goals and objectives of the fight against narcotics.

Ms. Azimi said that countries in the region, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, India and the United Arab Emirates, are countries where, they can play a major role in controlling, and disrupting the networks of drug traffickers.

Russia's representative, Alexander Rugov, expressed fears of increasing poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, saying his country plans to fight seriously against the drugs.

He added that 25 percent of the drugs produced in Afghanistan are transported to Russia via rail and food trucks. According to him, the number of drug traffickers is increasing, and four thousand people in Russia are in jail for this crime.

According to official statistics, about 3 million people are addicted to Afghanistan, and nearly one million of them are women.

The representative of Iran, who attended the meeting, said that his country is ready for an all-inclusive cooperation in this regard.

Assadullah Hadi Nejad says that the biggest challenge in the region, and in particular in Afghanistan, is the lack of coordination of countries that should help Afghanistan stop drug trafficking and prevent it from smuggling, He said his country has  plans to treat addicts to empower them and provide them with employment opportunities to return to society.