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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


New Heads for Appeal Court and Primary Court in Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF)

2017-08-23 CJTF Photo


Based on order of Supreme Court of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Judge Mr. Abdul Qayyum Haleem appointed as Head of Appeal Court and Judge Munira Baharaki appointed as Head of Primary Court they officially begin their work.

At today's meeting, dated 22, 08, 2017 in CJTF, on the occasion of the introduction of the heads of the appeal courts and primary court at the beginning  this event  judge Mohammad Zaman Sangari member of council of supreme court of Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan talked regarding Judge Mehro Hamid former head of appeal court as he stated that  she had great work and better achievement over the year for CJTF and we really need to thanks her, beside this Mr. Zaman Sangari also   appreciated the better work of   Judge Noorulhaq  former member of appeal court , that he is now appointed as Current Chairman of the Kandahar Penal Court , He added that the efforts and diligence of the officials and staff of the CJTF was to provide a valuable opportunity  and  is a good modal for other government institutions.

Mr. Sangari also introduced Judge Abdullah Raji who is recently appointed as a judiciary member of appeal court of CJTF by Supreme Court of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.  Changes and qualifications in government departments were a principle In order to improve the situation, in accordance with the principle of competence and the opinion of the committee of appointment; this has been done by the Constitutional Court. 

 In this event, officials and staff of Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) are participated. In addition to this Judge Mehro hamid counselor of Supreme Court of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said that Changes in state affairs are a principle, but the important thing is that should be ready to serve our people in everywhere we are assigned. On the other hand Judge Munira Baharaki spoke regarding the new changes and she stated that I express my gratitude to the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for appointed me as head of primary Court.

At the end Ahmad Khalid Mowahid the spokesman and head of communication of criminal Justice task force welcomed the guests and acknowledged the several year work and achievements of former head of appeal court and former member of judiciary of appeal court and stated that wish them further success in their new jobs.

However, in order to improve the situation with respect to the principle of competence and the position of the committee of appointments, the number of (178) new member in all over the country has been approved by the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.