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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Legal Advisor to Afghan president toured the Criminal Justice Task Force

2015-10-12 President Adviser Visited CJTF - 2016

On 25th August 2015, Abdul Ali Mohammadi, Legal Advisor to president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan toured the Criminal Justice Task Force And met with the CJTF delegation.

At the beginning of his visit, he met with Mr. Yar Mohammad Hussainkhail General Director of CJTF Prosecutions, accompanied by Mr.Shafiullah Dawoodi Head of CJTF Primary Prosecution, Mr. Juma Gul Farooqi Head of CJTF Investigation Prosecution,Mr. Mohammad Hashim Istankzai Head of CJTF Oversight Prosecution and Abdul Jamil Ghafari Head of CJTF Police Investigation and Laboratory Dept.

Mr. Hussainkhail welcomed the legal advisor and shed light on the work process in the general directorate of CJTF Prosecutions.He explained that within the past four months hundreds of drug suspects have been investigated,prosecuted and then referred to CJTF tribunals for sentencing.

Afterwards, Mr. Abdul Ali Mohammadi stated that the Criminal Justice Task Force is an exemplar of justice institutions in Afghanistan and addedthat the New national unity government is committed to the rule of law and offences and negligence are not acceptable in this government.

Mr. Mohammadi also met with Ms. Mahroo Hamid Chief Judge of CJTF Appeal Court and Mr. Mohammad Sangari Chief Judge of CJTF Primary Court in the court hall.

During the meeting, the CJTF Chief Judges presented information on the CJTF organizational structure, its jurisdiction and added that drug suspects are convicted and punished based on the severity of their crimes.

During the meeting, a number of judges from the Primary and Appeal courts suggested amendments to some of the articles in the Counter Narcotics Law against drug traffickers who sell, purchase and traffic narcotic drugs and intoxicating drinks.

Mr. Mohammadi touched upon the harmony and cooperation that exists between Police, Prosecution and Tribunals which benefits the rule of law.

He added that the new government of national unity is endeavouring to implement the law equally on public officials, powerful figures, government authorities and citizens throughout the country.

He stated that the CJTF work process can be compared to other modern legal systems in the world and the secret of its success is discipline, cooperation and coordination amongst all of the departments of the Criminal Justice Task Force.