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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Mohammad Arif Noori appointed as CJTF prosecution’s general director

2016-06-13 Mohammad Arif Noori

Based on recommendation by the general attorney office and approval of the presidential palace, esteemed Mohammad Arif Noori was appointed as general director of CJTF prosecution. On 29 May 2016 he was introduced to the CJTF prosecution personnel as general director of prosecution by Noor Habib Jalal, General Attorney Office (GAO) investigation deputy director and he officially occupied the post.

Mr. Jalal called the appointment, replacement, termination, reward and punishment as values for the systems that believe in democracy.

Mr. Jalal, the GAO investigation deputy director wished Mr. Noori success in his new position and asked the CJTF prosecution staff to support Mr. Noori in terms of ensuring justice. Later Mr. Mohammad Arif Noori delivered a speech and stated: “I do my best to investigate and prosecute the narcotics related cases under the light of law to prevent from imprisonment of innocents and not let any criminal to be freed without punishment.”

Mr. Noori visited the CJTF offices for the purpose of greeting the CJTF personnel while he was accompanied by the CJTF officials. A number of CJTF senior officials attended the greeting ceremony to introduce Mr. Noori as general director of CJTF prosecution. Eventually, by saying goodbye to the prosecution personnel, Yaar Mohammad Hussainkhil former general director of the CJTF prosecution handed over the directorate’s responsibilities to Mr. Noori and left the CJTF to occupy his new post as inspection director on General Attorney Office investigation affairs. 

Esteemed Mohammad Arif Noori son of Mohammad Maroof was born on 28.03.1353 (Islamic year) in a religious family in Kabul.

After his graduation as bachelor from criminal investigation faculty of police academy and receiving his master’s degree in criminal law and criminology, he started his career at Kabul police HQ in 1382 and had official visits from India, Malaysia and Dubai for professional capacity building purpose. Eventually, based on recommendation by the general attorney of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and approval of the presidential palace he was appointed as general director of CJTF Prosecution.