What is The Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC) ?

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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Monthly Report



Progress report of Investigation& Laboratory of Police, General Prosecution Directorate, Primary court and Appeal court of Counter Narcotics Justice Centre:

During the month of 22 January 2020 – 22 February 2020   Police of Counter Narcotics and other detective Organization in the link to 82 case,   arrested 102 suspect from all over the country and their cases are dispatched to CNJC for further investigation.

Among the detainees 25 of them including 1 woman wanted to transfer drug heroin type, Methamphetamine using embedded techniques in their body and travel bags from the international airport of Hamid Karzai to India, Saudi Arabia and contrariwise brought Methamphetamine from French to Afghanistan and Prosecutors of Counter Narcotics Justice Centre identified and arrested them.

Department of Investigation Laboratory of Police reviewed all of the aforementioned cases within 72 hour and forwarded all the suspects’ cases to the General Prosecution Department of Counter Narcotics Justice Centre for further investigation.

Based on proposal of General Prosecution office and Primary Court decree the number of 38 vehicles, 7 motor bike, 14 weapons and 109 various cell phones captured from the smugglers are discovered and seized and also the amount of 111387 Afghani cash and the amount of 743 US dollar attainment from drug traffickers and sent to definite Da Afghanistan Bank Account.

Meanwhile during the month of 22 January 2020 – 22 February 2020, 101 suspect including 11 public service including a foreign citizen sentenced 30 years by the Primary court of Counter Narcotics Justice Centre in addiction to 61 cases.   Also 96 suspect including 7 public service sentenced by Appeal Court in connection to 73 cases of various imprisonment.

On the other hand during this time after the decision of Appeal Court of Counter Narcotics Justice Centre the decision of 37 cases issued by Supreme Court’s public security bureau of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
It should be noted that in connection with the received theorem in total the amount below substances discovered and seized:

133,142 kg heroin
14, 5 kg morphine
1011, 69 kg opium
6547, 53 kg hashish
1060 litter alcohol
88,349 kg Methamphetamine
9688 kg henbane
15 litter acid
6687, 55 kg solid chemical
200 kg poppy 
25,498 kg tablet k

Provinces with the highest number of crime:

During the month of 22 January 2020 – 22 February 2020 of current year Kabul province having 29 cases and Nangarhar having 13 cases of drug trafficking are at the top of the list of provinces with high-level cases of smuggling and drug trafficking.

In the course of December 2019 – January 2020 in the link to 92 cases of drug trafficking crime 112 people are detained from all over the country and their cases are sent to Counter Narcotic Justice Centre for further prosecuting.

Based on last changes to the penalty code of Counter Narcotics, accordance Articles 16 and 17 of the Law fight against alcohol and drugs jurisdiction CNJC has the authority of interrogation or (handling) more than one kilogram of heroin, more than 10 kilogram of opium, more than  50 kilogram of hashish, more than 200 liter of alcoholic drink, more than one kilogram of Morphine, more than 10 gram of intoxicating synthetic substance, more than 5 liter acid of acetic anhydride, intoxicants, and those who  committed more than 50 acres of narcotic substance will be punished base on the law, the  mentioned substances are from all over the country.