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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


147 schools of Boys and Girls of Kabul city received Public Awareness campaign:

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The public awareness campaign led by the Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MoE), with the aim of raising the awareness of the number of Kabul-based male and female schools students and also the students were taught to   understand the counter narcotics law. 

 Public Awareness Campaigns are conducted on Tuesday, July 9, of this year by the cooperation of Ministry of Education and CNJC in the schools of boys and girls of Ustad Musbah and Maryam high school, installing billboards of articles of counter narcotics law into Dari and Pashto Language, in this campaign around 147 schools of different districts are covered under Public Awareness campaign and the program was eventually ended up on 2.9.2019.

Drug use poses a serious public health threat to the people of Afghanistan. It also threatens the stability of Afghan society. Drug use also has long-term negative effects on the economic and social framework of Afghanistan and CNJC focusing more on launching such a type of campaign in Kabul city in future as well. 

The campaign is aimed at raising public awareness among the boys and girls schools toward counter narcotics laws. Following schools of Kabul city covered under Public Awareness campaign: 

In first district Aisha Durrani High School, Mahbooba Heravi High School, Asheqan and Arafan high school, Daqiqi Balkhyhigh School, Mastora ghore High school, Baba Nanak secondary school, Bahqi Scondary School and Tamim Ansar High school are covered on Public Awareness campaign.

In district 2 of Kabul city Zabiullah Shaheed High school, Shreeno Girls High school, Khaja Abdullah Ansar high school and Shad Shamshara School are covered on Public Awareness campaign. 

in the area of district 3,   Bakhtar Private School, Afghan Mastoura School, Rabia Balkhi School, number 19 School of Jamal Minah, Mudeeran Private School, Syri High School, Mirwais Hutki High School, Abdul Rahim Shahid High School, Mirwais Hutki High School, Sufi Muhammad Islam School, Mahmood Hotaki School, Secondary school of Amir Hamza, Ameer Dost Mohammad Khan and secondary of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan. 

In the district 4 of Kabul city, Manouchehri Nursery School, Afaf Private School, Wazir Akbar Khan School, Ghazi Nursery School Mohammad Ayoub Khan are covered on Public Awareness campaign. 

In the Area of district 4, Manouchehri High School, Afaq Private High School, Wazir Akbar Khan High School, Ghazi Mohammad Ayoub Khan high school, Amir Shir Ali Khan High School, Fahame Private School, Malaka Girls School, Ustad Mesbah High School, Bibi Rabia High School and Hakim Nasser Khosro Balkhi High School are received Public Awareness campaign.

In the district 5 of Kabul city, wahdat Girls School, Kainat number 3 Private School, Ahmed Shah Abdali Private School, Nahid Shahid High School, Prof. Rasoul Amin School, Mohammad Ismail Hassanzai School, Sepin Kelley High School, Abu zare Ghafari School are covered on Public Awareness campaign.

In the district 6 of Kabul city, Mohammad Asef Mayel Elementary School, Qali Bakhtiar School, Mohammad Asef Mayel High School, Abdul Ali Mostaghani High School, Alavuddin High School received the public Awareness campaign.

In the district 7 of Kabul city, De Dana girls  School, Cheheleston girls School, Sarasiab  School, Mahmood Tarzi  School, Sultan Razieh School, Khoshal Khan  School, Shams al-Hadi  School, Immuniy girls  School, Mehrab-al-Din  School received the Awareness campaign.

In the district 8 of Kabul city , Amenah Fadavi  School, Abdul Qahar Assi  School, Naswan Totiyah  School, Abdul Rahman Pajhwak  School, Ustad Baitab  School, Gholam Nabi Khan Charkhi  School,  Rahman Minah girls  School, Qalia Hassan Khan  School, Mohammad Sadiq pasar lee  school , Sayed Noor Mohammed Shah School, , Abdul hai Habibi  School, Abdul Rahim Ghafourzai  School, Qalit Heshmat Khan  School, Seyed Noor Mohammad Shah School, Zabihullah Esmati  School,Gazar Hazrat  Bilal secondary  School, Zakortotia  School, Mohammad Hashim Mivandwal Secondary School, shahsheed secondary school and BiBi shamso secondary school received the public Awareness campaign.

In the district 9 of Kabul city , Al- Fatah  School, Abu al-Qasim  School, Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan  School, Haji Abdul Qadir  School, Bibi Mehro  School, satara shash darak  School, Khawaja Rawash  School,  Paktiakot  School, Abdul Hadi Davy School, Qabul by received the campaign . 

in district 10 of Kabul city , Ahmad Shah Masoud School, Zarghounah School, Wazir Abad New  School, Chare qala Wazer abad , spain kali secondary school, Naswan Bi Bi mahroo , Masoud Secondary school, Aziz Afghan secondary school.

In district 11 of Kabul city, Bibi sarwere Sangari school,  Azad Khan High School, Gol Agha birang High School, Khalilullah Khalili High School, Sayed al-Nasri  School, Naswan Zalikha School, Seyed al-Nasri School, Abdul Ghafore  Nadim  School, Ghulam Haider khan school, BiBi hawai school, Shah Yesta school, are covered under Awareness campaign.


In the  district 15 of Kabul city, public Awareness campaign was launched on   Bibi Sara High School, Mohammad Faqeer Firuzi High School, Khaje Bagra School, Mohammad Anwar Basmal High School, Abdul Majid Mustafa Ghaznavi High School, Abdulahi Alahi High School, elementary of Mili Shahrak  School, Ahmed Ali Kohzadeh High School,, Sheikh Zahed High School , Khawaja Rashash private school,  Mili shahrak School, Mustafa Ghaznawi school, Alhaqeya Shahrak Mili school, Naswan Bibi sara school, and Abdul; Ahmad Jawid school .

In the  district 16 of Kabul city , public Awareness campaign was launched on   Lameh shahid High School, Nazu Anna High School, Qaleh Zaman Khan High School, Naswan Deh Khodidad High School, Khorasan Shahr High School, Abdul Ghafour Ahmadi High School, Shahidan High School, Abdul Qayoom Karimi High School, Qaleh Zamaneh Elementary School.

In the  district  17 of Kabul city, public Awareness campaign was launched on   Allameh Qari Nik Mohammad High School, Azadi High School, Hazrat Suleiman Elementary School, Youssef Zoomi High School, Seyyed Yousef Ali High School, Mohammad Majdadi High School, Professor Borhanuddin Rabbani school, , Shahrak wahdat High School, Shahrak wahdat zakreen  School and  Pamir Shahrak School. 

Although some school teachers find public awareness useful and effective, they suggested that public awareness of drugs should be incorporated into school curricula to teach syllabus content.

They noted that they had provided information to students about the harm of narcotics, but it would be better to add a subject for public awareness to be taught in school as a subject.

Education Ministry officials also said that the teachers have always been told about the harm of narcotics to the students, but they still trying to include the narcotics as a subject in the education curriculum.

The purpose of the billboards that have been installed in schools was to inform the public about drug addiction and drug abuse, as well as the law on the fight against drugs.

The students on the other hand, while appreciating the launch of the campaign, said that such programs should be run in schools and public places so that people can become fully aware of drugs harm.

Aref, one of the students, said that he will try to raise awareness about harm of drug to his friends and relatives.

Teachers and students in Kabul consider the launch of the campaign is useful and they said that in some families there are people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs and have adverse effects on families with children, to launch such a kind of program and raise awareness of the students, families’ are very important and useful in order to rescue themselves from harm of drugs and alcohol.  

At the same time, officials at the Ministry of Education, while acknowledging the public awareness program that was launched by counter narcotics justice center, said that raising awareness of such program is very useful for the students in order to stay away from drugs. 

it’s to be noted that In the past few years ,  Counter Narcotics Justice Center  lunched such a type of campaign  in many districts of Kabul city to civilian  ,universities , schools, and highways army places in order to be fully  aware about the harm of  Drug also to be  awareness of drug law, which had an effective impact.