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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Annual Report 2017/2018

In the course of year  1396 (2017/2017) a total of 568 cases were filed on suspicion of 741 suspected drug traffickers from across the country detained by the Police of Counter Narcotics and their cases are sent to the CNJC Prosecution Department for further investigation. 

The CNJC Investigation and Laboratory Dept. is the first department at the CNJC to receive the cases sent by the Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) and other law enforcement organizations (LEOs) from across Afghanistan.

Among the detainees, there are eight Iranian citizens, one Pakistani citizen, fifty Nine  (59) public service and twenty-eight women.

During the mentioned period the CNJC Prosecution Directorate successfully completed the investigation and prosecution of 581 serious narcotics and intoxicating drinks cases, In the 582 cases in the elementary stage, 344 cases have been investigated in the stage of appeal and 223 cases in the final stage in the light of the law on the fight against drugs, investigate and prosecuted by CNJC.

 In total this Department in the linked to mentioned cases confiscated, 215 vehicles, 9 motorcycles, 721 mobile telephones along with the amount of 255020 USD (Two hundred fifty five thousand and twenty USD), 45432104 Afs cash that has been proven during investigations of which they were involved in crimes or crimes related to narcotics and drug trafficking after the order of Primary court of CNJC confiscated and dispatched to government revenue.

In the course of the 12 months of 2017 ( 1396) the primary Court of CNJC ordered related to 605 cases  As a result, 671 suspects were convicted into penalty  including 70 from public civilian, four foreigners and 27 women, but about four others , due to the lack of sufficient evidence has been released. 

It is worth mentioning that Appeal Court of CNJC In connection with the 300 ( three hundred)  cases of drug trafficking , 436 suspects , including 51 public service , 14 women and 8 foreign nationals, have also been identified and  issued a verdict. But twenty nine (29) other has been released as there was not enough evidence against them. 

The total quantities of seized drugs along with their cases were sent to the CNJC Investigation and Laboratory Dept. within the year 1396 (2017), are as follows:

Heroin (1891,605) kilograms

Morphine (10644,969) kilograms

Opium (24405,963) kilograms

Hashish (61344) kilograms

Cristal ( Shesha )  (1,366) kilograms

Solid chemicals (24219,20) kilograms

Liquid Chemical Substances (34375,720) liters

Alcoholic Drinks (18121,104) liters

Destruction of heroin laboratories (12)

Provinces with the highest number of intoxicating Drug crime cases:

During the year 1396 (2017) Kabul province, with 200 cases of drug and intoxicating and Nangarhar province, having 105 cases of drug trafficking are at the top of the list of provinces with high-level cases of smuggling and drug trafficking.

Provinces without Crime and Drug Cases:

Nuristan is among the provinces in the year of 1396 (2017) There are no crime cases of smuggling and drug trafficking.

However, in the year of 1395, a total of 463 cases of 577 suspected drug offenders from across the country dispatched to Investigation and Laboratory Department of Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC).