What is The Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC) ?

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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Biography of Mohammed Arif Noori General Director of Counter Narcotics Justice Center

2018-03-20 Mohammad Arif Noori


Esteemed Mohammad Arif Noori Son of Mohammad Maroof was born on 28.05.1353 (Islamic year) in Kabul.

Completed his Primary, Secondary and High School at Sherino, Abdul Ghfore Nadeem,   and Khalilullah Khalili School. After graduated from high school soon he joined Criminal Investigation from Police Academy and he successfully completed his Bachelor degree from Academy of Police.

 Mr.Noori officially started his career at Kabul police HQ in 2003. 

 After he completed his Master Degree from criminology and criminal law. He also traveled to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Holland, Turkey, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka and England for improving his professional capacity.

These knowledge and experience courses have left a lasting impression on the future of Mohammad Arif Noori, who introduced Mr. Noori to the depths of the social, political and legal problems of the people.

Activities and functions:

Mr. Noori was appointed as interrogator for Criminal Investigation Department of Kabul from year of 2003 till 2007.  

He was transferred from Interior Ministry  to the Attorney General's Office in 2007, based on the suggestion of the High Office of the Attorney General and presidential Palace of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan , and was assigned to the Attorney General's Office for the Investigation of Crimes as a Prosecutor. 

In the Year of 2014 Mohammad Arif Noori was appointed as Director of the Public Prosecutor's Office, basis in the proposal of the Attorney General's office and presidential Palace of Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan.

From 2016 till now Mr. Noori while successfully performing his duties and functions as a General Director of Counter Narcotics Justice Center. 

Participating in international conferences:  Mr. Noori received many awards and certificates during period of his job and also participated in various national and international conferences on the rule of law, justice and from the time he was in charge, and attended by lectures at the meetings, using his profound legal knowledge, Persistent ones. 

The invitation of Mr. Mohammad Arif Noori in the city of Tablisi, the country of Georgia, shows that he has the necessary scientific capacity in the field of law and Judiciary.