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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Salamat Azimi Minister of Counter Narcotics: Instability in the country has led to an increase in the cultivation of Narcotics

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Salamat Azimi Counter Narcotics Minister said that the continued instability of the rule of law in insecure areas of the country has led to an increase in the cultivation, production, trafficking, drugs, and addict’s people. 

She spoke in a conference  related to  Narcotics yesterday 21/ 1/ 2018, with the participation of university professors, scholars, the goal of effective action was to talk about the production and trafficking of drugs in the Kabul area. The phenomenon of drug use is characterized by instability and increasing insecurity in the country.

According to Salamat Azimi, the increase in drug production is raising the drug addicts in the country. 

Minister of Counter Narcotics Expressing her concerned on the growing of Narcotics involvement of women and children in the country, it would be even more difficult if this problem is not addressed or solved. 

She added: “The number of addicts is highly alarming, and the increase in drug addiction can lead to spread of dangerous diseases. We are working towards this, however, our efforts are not sufficient, and addressing this problem also requires the long-term commitment from international community.”

Although she mentioned from the achievements of Ministry of Counter Narcotics, but in her believes that these achievements are not sufficient it is necessary to form a national mobilization in this direction.

According to Ms. Azimi, 110 drug treatment centers have been established in the country; with an annual treatment has the capacity of 40,000 addicts. 

According to her, the government of national unity has the political commitment to reduce the cultivation and production of narcotics, but this struggle requires the cooperation of the whole nation of Afghanistan, scholars, civil society and Mass media. 

Meanwhile, participants in this meeting added that  war continuing  in some parts of the country has increased  The existence of groups and drug traffickers  in Afghanistan , as long as these networks are not detected or  destroy  , the situation will not get better.

Naeem Lali Hamidzai, chairman of the Drug Control Commission Wolesi Jirga, who participated in this debate, noted that the only reason for the increase in the cultivation, production and trafficking of narcotics in the country is the lack of a strong political mandate for the destruction of narcotics.

He urged the authorities to deal with this problem and called on the government to take a clear policy to eliminate this phenomenon throughout the country.