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Counter Narcotics Justices Center (CNJC): President Ghani met with the UN Security Council

President Ghani met with the UN Security Council

2018-01-15 CNJC Photo


Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with Members of the United Nations Security Council, headed by Kazakhstan Ambassador Kairat Umarov   met at Presidential palace in Kabul yesterday. 

The permanent members of the United Nations and its Security Council from the United States, China, Britain, Russia, France, Sweden, Poland, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Itopia, Kuwait, Holland, Piura, Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast, , were present in this meeting. 

Both sides discuss the security situation in Afghanistan and the region, regional cooperation, combating terrorism, corruption, drugs and trafficking, accelerating the peace process, preparing for elections, reforming governance, strengthening the system, women's participation, the role of the United Nations Ally in Afghanistan, especially in the areas of security and development, and on the overall progress over the past three years.

In this meeting they have talked about regional cooperation and pointed out that pressures on Pakistan should increase in order to stabilize Afghanistan, while joint talks would be launched.

President Ghani welcomed the delegation, saying that on behalf of the government and the people of Afghanistan, I thank the generous contributions of the United Nations member countries during the past 16 years, especially the commitments of international partners with Afghanistan at the conferences of Varsa and Brussels.

The president emphasized that we had good achievements in regional relations and in the field of economic relations with the countries of Asia, Russia, China and Iran. Referring to the Afghan-Pakistani relations, he said efforts were being made to improve relations, but we did not receive any results of regional cooperation from Pakistan side. 

President Ghani referred to the activities of terrorist groups in Afghanistan and partnered with members of the UN Security Council on examples and evidence of mobility, activities, training and financing for terrorist groups, including Daesh outside Afghanistan.

The president also provided information on the activities of the country's security and defense organs on the destruction of drug processing factories and achievements in this regard. He added that terrorism is a common threat to all countries of the world, and its negative consequences will affect all of us.

The country's president told regarding election that the government has a strong will to hold elections, and as President, I do not have the right to interfere in the work of the Independent Election Commission (IEC). He added that the funds provided to the elections in the past were not effectively used.

Referring to a new US strategy for Afghanistan and the Middle East, the president said that the strategy is worthwhile for making positive changes in Afghanistan and the region.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, emphasizing the peace talks between the two government   Pakistan, Afghanistan, said that peace is being used in Afghanistan to benefit from the experiences of other countries.

The country's president said that work has been done to increase women's participation in the government and strengthen them.

In return, Kazakh Ambassador to the United Nations head of the United Nations Security Council, Kairat Umarov   said that, after welcoming the hospitality of the government and the people of Afghanistan, he said that after 2010 it is the first high-level United Nations Security Council delegation to travel to Afghanistan. 

He added that the United Nations Security Council supports the government and the people of Afghanistan and your views on the establishment of peace and stability as well as the development of Afghanistan.

Omarov said that we have traveled to Kabul to examine developments in various areas in Afghanistan, especially the peace process and how to accelerate these developments. He added that the Security Council also searches for more coordination and cooperation between regional and international organizations in Afghanistan.

Secretary-General Nicky Haley, United States permanent representative at the United Nations, Said the security and stability of Afghanistan is important for the security of the region, and the UN Security Council has traveled to Kabul for more support from Afghanistan. He also appreciates the courage and dedication of the Afghan security and defense forces in the fight against terrorism.

Haley added: "The United States is working with the people of Afghanistan, and we want to see real reform and development in this country, so that we can ensure our cooperation."

Then, other members of the United Nations Security Council staff, each in turn, spoke of their views and opinions on various issues.

The delegation said that during their meetings with Afghan security authorities, they understood that the perceptions and plans of these institutions were impressive and that the Afghan security and defense forces are fighting against terrorism on behalf of other countries.

They praised the achievements of the national unity government in various fields and expressed their support for their plans and pointing out that the United Nations is ready to cooperate in ending the war in Afghanistan and securing peace and stability.

The delegation recalled and praised the victims of the Afghan security and defense forces in the fight against terrorism and assured of the help and cooperation with Afghanistan on behalf of their countries and on behalf of the United Nations Security Council.

The UN Security Council delegation has called this meeting very important, with the President and other officials of the National Unity Government, pointing out that, given the talks in Kabul, returning to the United Nations headquarters for further assistance to the Organization with Afghanistan, especially in areas Security and development.

During this visit, on behalf of Afghanistan, alongside the president of the country, Professor Sarwar Danesh second deputy of the president, Seyyed Yusuf Halim, chairman of the Supreme Court, Mahmoud SAIKAL Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and other high ranking official were present in this meeting.