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Counter Narcotics Justices Center (CNJC): 168 detainees were arrested for drug trafficking

168 detainees were arrested for drug trafficking

2017-12-26 CNCJ Photo


Ahmad Khalid Mowahid  head of the press and spokesman of Counter Narcotics Justice Center in  a joint news conference with General Dawalat  Wazirie, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, he emphasized and talked  regarding the  arrest of 168 suspects  in connection with drug trafficking.

Mr. Mowahid Said "During the third quarter of 1396, a total of 135 cases were filed with 168 suspects, including 9 public servants, 12 women and 2 more Iranian nationals of suspected drug offenders throughout the country.

Mr. Mowahid added that during the aforementioned investigations, 147 cases of crimes against drugs have been completed by the General Prosecutor's Office of the Counter Narcotics Justice Center. 

He stated that the Department of General prosecution counter narcotics justice center has sent 150 cases to the primary court during the same period, sent 85 cases to the court of appeal and 53 cases to the Supreme Court of the public bureau of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

According to the head of the press and public relations department during the third quarter of 1396, 42 vehicles, 3 motorcycles and 168 various mobile phones were obtained from smugglers, and confiscated (44914985) Afghani and the amount (241083) US dollars of smugglers, in the form of a loan or integrity  has been sent to Pashtani Bank. 

 Spokesman of Counter Narcotic Justice Center in response to a journalist's question, said that in the course of a three-month period (October- December )2017   174 people were sentenced by the primary Court of CNJC from two years and six month up to 20 years of imprisonment. During this time, 83 people were sentenced by the Appeal court of CNJC and 9 others were released due to lack of reasons, or evidence.

He noted that based on 52 mentioned cases of drug after the decision of primary and appeal court of Counter narcotics Justice Center (CNJC) the final decision has been made by Supreme Court of Bureau of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.  

In the course of the three months mentioned above, in connection with the aforementioned cases, the following amounts of drugs a have been seized by the police of counter narcotics and detective or security organizations:

Heroin 391,057 Kg

Morphine 136,61 kg

Opium 4515,84 kg

Hashish 40044,87 kg

Solid Chemical materials 3312, 65 kg

Liquid chemicals 17844, 18 liters

Alcoholic beverages 4236,7 liters

During the press conference, Mr. Ahmad Khalid Mowahid said that Kabul having 44 cases and Nangarhar Province having 22 cases are topped the list of drug cases within the third quarter of the current year, and during this period provinces of Khost, Daikundi, Wardak, Bamiyan, Samangan, Uruzgan and Laghman are among the provinces that do not have or register  the crime cases in Counter Narcotics Justice Center within the third quarter of the year.

However, in the last two quarters of 2017, from different provinces of the country sent 125 cases of 149 people with their relative cases to Counter Narcotics Justice Center (CNJC).

It is noteworthy that CNJC established In Islamic Year of 1384 (May 2005) in accordance with Articles 17 and 18 of the Law fight against alcohol and drugs jurisdiction has the authority of interrogation or (handling) at least 2 kilograms of heroin, 10 kilograms of opium, 50 kilograms of hashish, 50 kilograms of chemicals, Chemical and 50 liters of alcohol or intoxicants are from all over the country.