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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Wais Barmak: one of the priorities of four year strategy of Interior ministry is to seriously fight against drug

2017-12-09 CJTF Photo

The Interior Minister of Islamic  Republic of Afghanistan participated in ceremony of  seized, burn of different type of intoxicating ,drug  on 6th December 2017 ,he  emphasized that  one the priority of the four year strategy of interior ministry  is to seriously fight against drug.

Afghan Minister for the Interior Wais Ahmad Barmak and Minister for Counter Narcotics Salamat Azimi presided over the event, at which officials destroyed drugs that had been used to prosecute cases against Taliban drug traffickers and other criminals. Senior NATO officials also watched the burn.

Mr. Barmak mentioned that cultivation and production of drugs, trafficking is due to insecurity and   political administrative corruption in Afghanistan.

On his believe better governing can reduced the activities of drag traffickers in the country.

Besides this I appreciated international community for their support and help in combatting illicit drug trafficking in different part of the country, also requested from international community, particularly region countries to cooperate honestly with Afghanistan in order to fight against drug.

He added that based on international assessment, it’s not only Afghanistan has currently more than three million of addicts, in the world 250 million of people are addicted, which is big concern for all,

"I would like to thank the international community for their support and help in combatting illicit drug trafficking,” said Major-General Abdul Khalil Bakhtyar, Deputy Minister for Counter Narcotics. "With the growing statistics in poppy cultivation in insecure and impassable areas, we hope this assistance shall continue.

He added that despite of cultivation, production of drug in Afghanistan , main concern is we don’t have enough equipment for the police of counter narcotic , and the recent challenges that we are facing  is Tablet (k) and other drugs that are coming from foreign countries to Afghanistan.

Mr.Bakhtyar mentioned that in order to fight against drugs we really need international assessment and coordination in this regard.

At the same time Salamat Azimi Minister of Counter narcotics who was present at the drug seized  ceremony, accepted that cultivation and production of drugs is increasing in Afghanistan but the combined materials of drugs comes from outside of Afghanistan, therefore we desperately  need international assessments and coordination.

According to her believe,to fight against drugs needs the coordination of all the relevant organization and international community to work hand by hand based on strategy of interior ministry of Afghanistan.

At the same time Dr Ghulam Haider Alima judiciary prosecutor of Attorney general of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan appreciated from relevant organizations who are involved in the fight against drug, said that drugs are not only hurting Afghanistan but also suffering the world.

He called  that drug is  one of the problematic and phenomenal disease in Afghanistan that we suffered a lot now , and he requesting that regional countries and international,should work together in order to overcome this problem.

On his believe drug trafficking is part of organized crime that is not related one country behind this many organization are running, which caused problem to everyone.

Eventually Mohammed Arif Noori General Director of Prosecution ( CNJC )  discussed regarding this issue, that drug  and opium cultivation is not the only challenges but combined materials of different type of drugs  that comes from outside is the main concern.

Mr. Noori also mentioned that, terrorism, administrative corruption, and drugs are the main concern if it not paying attention seriously, not hurting only Afghanistan but the whole world will suffer.

He also emphasized that Counter Narcotic Justice Center is a transparent unit their personnel always work honestly, in order to implement justice, on verdict of law against drug related to intoxicating drug, criminals.