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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


More than sixty six thousand (66000) students received awareness campaign of alcohol and drugs harm

2017-11-18 CJTF Photo


Counter Narcotic justice Center (CNJC) awareness campaign regarding harm of alcoholic intexocitating, drugs, Tablet k,which was set up at Kabul districts Schools, has successfully completed. 

The Public Awareness Campaign launched by the Communication Department of Counter narcotics justice center along with the cooperation of Education ministry from august 2017 till November 14 2017, the exhibition start up  with cartoons painted in each schools, awareness of the dangers of drugs, Tablet K (psychotropic) and the tragic consequences of smugglers .

In this program 24 school of boys and girls in different area of Kabul received awareness campaign related to harm of intoxicating, drugs, Tablet K and awareness on law against drugs. In the mentioned program sixty six thousand one hundred ninety six (66,196), male and female students participated as a group, 

The purpose of this program is to raise the level of awareness of the schools  from the Anti-Drug Law, the existence and limits of the jurisdiction of the Counter Narcotics Justice Center, the misuse of drugs, awareness of how the drug traffickers network are  operating.

The students expressed their gratitude to the CNJC Communications Directorate for organizing the events. They stated that awareness programs such as these are not only interesting and educational but also crucial to reinforce an extremely important message to juveniles and highlight the dangers associated to narcotics. They added that as poverty, insecurity and anarchy is on the increase concerning narcotics trafficking, education such as these performances sends out a valuable and important message in order to mitigate the harm caused. Key messages through the use of live performances are the best way to convey important messages, such as the reality of physical and mental addiction. Through emphasizing the negative impact of narcotics, these performances will act as an educational tool and encourage children not to try narcotics and Tablet K.

Shareefa one of the students of Al Fath High School, while expressing pleasure, pointed to the effectiveness of conducting such exhibitions for awareness about harm of narcotics and drug.

She added that the CNJC Exhibition program positively promotes awareness of students at school especially of the boys who are being infected in outdoor, and recently the use of Tablet k that caused and suffered the people.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Iqbal, one of the Student of Hamayoun high schools, welcomed the exhibition, saying that unfortunately, addiction among people in society, especially Youth and even students of schools and universities are increasing every day Therefore we want from the government officials in particular CNJC, who are working more closely in this direction, spend more efforts in raising awareness campaign specially regarding the harm of Tablet (k) and drugs.   

The program is scheduled to be launch in the near future at a number of private universities in Kabul.

It is noteworthy that CNJC established In Islamic Year of 1384 in accordance with Articles 17 and 18 of the Law fight against alcohol and drugs jurisdiction has the authority of interrogation or (handling) at least 2 kilograms of heroin, 10 kilograms of opium, 50 kilograms of hashish, 50 kilograms of chemicals, Chemical and 50 liters of alcohol or intoxicants are from all over the country.