What is The Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC) ?

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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Second Quarter of 1396 (Jun-September 2017)


Investigation and Laboratory Department, and General   Prosecution Directorate of Criminal justice Task Force (CJTF)

During the second quarter of 2017 in total 125 cases related to  149 suspects has been sent from all over the country to this department, the primary investigation of all the cases completed and for further investigation has been sent to the Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF).

According to  the information of General Prosecution Directorate of  this department ,apart from 152 cases of previous months and finding 162 new cases from Investigation and Laboratory department of Criminal Justice Task force ( CJTF ) and the total is  278 cases  only 132 cases from mentioned total  investigation completed . 

During this period General Prosecution directorate sent 131 cases to the Primary Court, 75 cases to Appeal Court,   and 51 cases to Supreme Court’s public security bureau of Islamic republic of Afghanistan the decision has been issued.

Based on the report of this department, 153 cases from Primary Court, in link with 62 cases from Appeal Court of Criminal Justice Task Force, and 39  cases from  Supreme Court’s public security bureau of Islamic republic of Afghanistan the decision has been issued.

During the second quarter of year of 1396 the mentioned department received a total of 48 vehicles and 192 type of mobile set phone, from the traffickers and so the amount of 88904 Afghani including amount of 4190   U.S. Dollar attainment from the traffickers and sent to Pashtany bank for temporary.

In the report of general department of investigation and laboratory of police mentioned the total amount of seized narcotics whose cases have been received by the department of CJTF in the second quarter of 1396 is written below:

(350,078) kg of Heroin 

(9814, 3) kg of Morphine 

(5751, 1) kg of opium 

(4686, 6) kg of Hashish 

(22328, 233) kg of Solid Chemicals 

(180) Liter of Liquid Chemicals

(6027, 3) Liter of Alcohol Drink  

Provinces with the most cases of alcohol and drug crimes:  Kabul province with 50 cases, Nanagarhar with, 24 cases, and is topped the list of provinces.

Provinces without alcohol and drugs crimes cases :Nuristan ,Wardak ,Sar-e pol ,Paktika ,Laghman, kapisa ,Panjshir, Badghis, Daikundi.