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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Mowahid: Immovable assets arising income of crimes and trafficking offenses will be confiscated

2017-04-15 Ahmad Khalid Mowahid


Based on the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since the beginning of the year 1396 resulting  from income sun all assets or immovable property crimes. smuggling of intoxicants drinks based on fifth paragraph of Article IV paragraph a law prohibiting money laundering is considered to be confiscated.

Ahmad Khalid Mowahid the communication director of CJTF at a press conference in the government media said the decision of the Supreme Court suggested to the Special Prosecution of Criminal Justices Task force confiscation of immovable property perpetrators of crimes and intoxicants.

The approval of the expropriated real estate perpetrators of crimes and intoxicants  since these carriers is doable this year He added that the General Directorate of CJTF   dedicated the fight against crime and intoxicants concentric established by article 19 of the law fight against crime, drug intoxication only authority to request seizure of movable property (vehicles, weapons, cash, mobile phone, etc.) Perpetrators of crimes of trafficking in illegal seized materials includes alcohol and respected courts, but with the recent decision of the Supreme Court Council Country eligibility confiscation of all movable and immovable property arising from income and property crimes and intoxicants.

Mr. Mowahid Said that proposal referred by  appeal prosecutor department of CJTF In order to combat serious and widespread the phenomenon of drugs or alcohol, creating economic stability in society and equal right assets against criminals smuggling alcohol to the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

According to him  Criminal Justices Task force ( CJTF ) Since founded (1384 to the end of 1395) small and large number of 1181 vehicles that hit their free market price of $ 3,500 up to 65,000 dollars is based on Article 19 of the Law fight against alcohol and drugs has been confiscated. He mentioned so during the said period The total of the center more than five eight million Afghans, nearly eight hundred thousand dollars, More than one million rupees Hindi, Nearly sixty million Pakistani rupees, More than one hundred and thirty million Iranian currency, More than three thousand Arabic Reyal, 660 United Arab Emirates currency, And 2,700 euros, after the honorable court judgment confiscated and surrendered to government revenues and account.

At the same time he emphasis that in addition to the hundreds of different types of weapons, arms, Hundreds of mobile phone sets and 48 different types of motorcycles , drug trafficking crimes were also confiscated from the criminals,  obtained.

The spokesman of Criminal Justices Task Force said all assets, property, vehicles in accordance with Article 19 of the Law on fight against crime, drugs and intoxicants, after the sentencing courts sent to the Ministry of Finance in order to meet the requirements of government agencies or the free market sale (lylam) assigned.

It is noteworthy that Criminal Justices Task force established in 1384 and accordance with Articles 17 and 18 of the Law fight against alcohol and drugs jurisdiction justice cases, the amount of which at least 2 kilograms of heroin, 10 kilograms of opium, 50 kilograms of hashish, 50 kilograms of chemicals and 50 liters of alcohol or intoxicants are from all over the country.