What is The Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC) ?

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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Annual Report 2016/2017

The figures included in the Report are from the Islamic Year 1395 (March 21st 2016 to March 20st 2017)

CJTF Investigation and Laboratory Department:

The CJTF Investigation and Laboratory Dept. is the first department at the CJTF that receives cases sent by the Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan and other law enforcement organizations from across the country.

During the year of 1395 the CJTF Investigation and Laboratory Dept. received 463 serious narcotics and intoxicating drinks cases along with suspects 577 and No suspects have been 133 cases from across the country sent to the CJTF Prosecution Department for further investigation.

As the part of these cases, 28 public officials, 28 female, and 5 foreigner national from Iran country.

In the above cases in 1395 is linked to the extent of:

More than 6870 kilograms of heroin

More than 26259 kilograms of morphine

More than 5547 kilograms of opium

More than 331827 kilograms of hashish

93114 kilograms of solid chemicals

More than 33153 liters of liquid chemicals

1300 liters of pure alcohol

More than 113 237 liters of alcohol

Beside the destruction of 39 drug processing laboratory, 41 different kinds of weapons with 1983 bullets, 263 different types of vehicles, 2 rockets, 3 grenade launchers, 584cell-phones, And in 2569 the number of women means of edged tools detective and security organs have been seized.

CJTF General Prosecution Directorate: Upon receipt of intoxicants and drugs crimes cases from the management of public scrutiny, search laboratory, during the year 1395 a total of 428 cases were prosecuted, So far, 284 cases of which it is formed during the trials and the competent courts in final decisions been finalized.

 CJTF Prosecution Directorate confiscated the following money from drug traffickers seized during anti-narcotic operations: The amount of eight million and twenty seven thousand 292 Afghan, two hundred thousand 7018 US $, Four million two hundred thirty thousand 250 Pakistani rupees, 39500 rupees Hindi, The amount of two hundred thousand Iranian obtained After the decision by the competent court prosecutor delivered the definitive account DAB.

During this period a large amount of drugs and alcohol by detective organs were seized from the smugglers, after the judgment of the competent courts against domestic guests, foreign and national and international media have been burned.

Nangarhar 73 cases, Kabul by having 66 cases, with 47 cases Kandahar, Herat, with 38 cases, And Nimroz provinces with the most cases with 31 cases, including alcohol and drug crime.