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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


SECOND QUARTER 1395 (July - September 2016)

Investigation and Laboratory Department, prosecution directorate, Primary and appeal court monthly report:

Based on the report from CJTF Investigation and Laboratory Department (ILD), in total 78 cases related to 115 suspects are received by the CJTF Investigation and Laboratory Department in the second quarter of 1395 which have been referred to CJTF prosecution for further investigation after the primary proceedings by the ILD.

With receipt of the cases, the CJTF prosecution investigated the cases and within this period (second quarter of 1395) the mentioned directorate referred 103 cases to CJTF primary court, 71 cases to CJTF appeal court and 91 cases to Supreme Court’s public security bureau for further prosecution.

Based on CJTF prosecution’s report, 64 cases have been adjudicated by the Supreme Court Public Security Bureau within the first quarter of 1395.

In connection to the above mentioned cases, the following amounts of drug are detected and seized by the intelligence and security agencies in the second quarter of 1395:

 521,584 kg heroin

 10671,83 kg morphine

 2234,53 kg opium

 1983,09 kg hashish

 2981,45 kg solid chemical precursor

 20952 liter liquid chemical precursor

 4393,2 liter alcoholic drinks

Based on the CJTF Investigation and Laboratory Department’s report, 22 of the 34 provinces had narco-crime Total 78 cases referral in the second quarter of 1395 which 12 are related to Kabul and 66 other cases belong to other provinces. Within this quarter of 1395, the other 12 provinces have recorded zero referral as described in the chart below. It is stated in the report that Ningarhar and Kabul with 12-12 cases, Baghlan with 8 cases and Herat with 6 cases are respectively on top of the CJTF list for provinces with narco-crime cases referral.