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Counter Narcotics Justices Center (CNJC): Addicted Parents infect their children

Addicted Parents infect their children

2016-12-10 cheldrin addicted.jpg

The main purpose of a family is to bring up children for the community, but it seems to be very difficult in an addicted family.

An addicted person in a family brings mental diseases and dullness to the children. The children’s attitude is anxious and nervous in these families and they feel more disappointment. The children are not optimistic about their future. They are always looking depressed and unfortunate among the others, so we have to think responsibly about these families and adopt some special schema to save them.

The sociology experts express that juvenile are addicted to narcotics due to social and economic problems and also parents’ misbehavior especially the father who is the main motive for children’s addiction and misdirection. According to sociologists’ views, parents are the preventive force for children to forbid them reverting to Opium and other substances. Parents play a significant role in personalizing their children.

The second period of a child’s age (between 10 and 20 years) is very sensitive and destiny making. The parents teach them about social diseases and should not allow any sign indicating addiction inside the house.

How do addicted parents forbid their children from addiction to narcotics and alcohol? They have just practiced drug use and they have always been intoxicated while they come face to face with their children.

It is remarkable that addict parents disorder the family and the children will never be punctual to family discipline and committed to the society, also the children will be motivated to be dissolute.

What is the purpose of family formation? Is it just for reproduction without consideration to their future or is there a momentous aim behind it? Parents are the nearest people to children, so how can addicted parents personalize and teach them to beware of drug use? The Parents should beware of narcotics to prevent their children from drug use as well as they can teach ethics criteria to the children.

Remember! Bad or good ones are related to parents’ behavior inside the house and on the second step, it depends upon social conduct.