What is The Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC) ?

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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Farmers Encouragement for Eligible Cultivativation

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A country is quite independent when there is strengthened economic base and does not need any foreign cooperation and contribution in government and non government affairs. If there is a country looking for abroad cooperation for run off country affairs, in fact they have their own particular targets and conditions instead of cooperation so then independency of a country is the point of concern.

The development of countries depends on underground resources, mines and pure incomes of exports and imports. If any country has natural resources and mines and promoted agriculture, the country can stand on its feet and also it can contribute with under developing countries in the world.

Unfortunately, Afghanistan has been demolished during recent fight, due to three decades of war people reverted toward cultivation of opium and other illicit substances. The main income of narcotics goes to terrorists, insurgents, trafficking-rings and drug-dealers and a limited income to farmers who could receive after very hard efforts.

According to the report issued by United Nations, Narcotics cultivation has benefited millions of dollar to opposites of Afghan government and insurgents through this; they keep on target killing, fighting and bombing in countrywide.

During the governing tenure of Taliban, they could have been able to get more than 100 millions of dollar and also they have destroyed our irrigation system, highways and other basis.

Taliban have only been in contact with farmers to perform their unlawful activities and to continue terrorism, many people were killed and disabled due to fight as well as our people faced with poor housing and displacement.

Afghan government has been dealing with narcotic drugs since 2005; fortunately it has been able to have remarkable achievement in fight with narco-crimes as well as the government has presented drug strategy control in front of friend countries in London conference.

According to report of the ministry of counter narcotics in 2006, there were six provinces free from narcotics among 34 provinces from across Afghanistan. In 2007 Afghanistan expedited mostly cleansing of provinces with the cooperation of United Kingdom and United States as a result Afghanistan would have more than 13 provinces free from narcotics. In 2008 the number of these provinces was doubled, as 6 percent decreased of heroin production and 19 percent in cultivation. Fortunately at the present time, the narco-free provinces have enhanced to more than 18 provinces through countrywide.

After Afghan people and government reiterated their commitment against cultivation and production of narcotics, we could have more than 20 provinces free from heroin and based on percentage 10% in producing and 22 % in cultivating.

Based on the report, Afghan government established Counter Narcotics Justice Centre by co-locating secondees from Interior ministry, Attorney General Office and Supreme Court for investigation, prosecution and punishment of drug-trafficking rings and drug dealers with the cooperation of British and American advisors. The CNJC brings drug-traffickers to justice and investigates over 500 cases annually.

According to economics expertise, increasing of narcotics cultivation badly affects on economic growth of a country as well as the government should adopt measures to prevent cultivation of narcotics, certainly Afghan youth will revert to narcotics that will have very bad consequences in the future.

Sayed Masood teacher of economics faculty at Kabul University, expressed that an addict person spends 50 Afghanis for drugs in a day so one million addicts harms one million Afghanis to economy of Afghanistan.

He added that youth forms 90 percent of addicts from across Afghanistan that has been completely debilitated for work resources and they will commit anything to afford them with heroin. The government must open drug addict treatment centre so as to prevent further crimes in the country.