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The Counter Norcoticse Justice Centre (CNJC) was set up as an end to end Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious intoxicating drinks and narco-crimes within Afghanistan…


Interior Minister Visited Counter Narcotics Justice Centre

2019-12-19 CNJC Photo



Masoud Andarabi, acting interior minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan showed up on Wednesday 18.12.2019 for a surprise visit to the Counter Narcotics Justice Centre.

Mr. Andrabi accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics of Ministry of the interior,  Fazluddin "Malekzadeh Head of Investigation Laboratory of police and Amanullah Nazari Director of Administration.
After a visit to the Branches of Investigation Laboratory of police department, he met with  Judge Mohammad Najim "Hamidi" Director of Appeal Court , Judge Munira Baharaki Director of Primary Court, Mohammed Alif Irfani General Director of Prosecution and  Colonel Shirshah "Rasooli" Manager of Detention Centre .

At first Fazludin Malak Zada Head of Investigation Laboratory of Police In addition to introducing research departments of suspects, biometrics, archives, personnel departments and the above management process Explained all to the Interior Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Head of police Investigation also introduced the CNJC Directors to the Excellency Minister of Interior. 

The director of Appeal Court has welcomed the, Minister of Interior Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to CNJC and he added that there is a legal partnership working going on together for the same purpose in CNJC. Mr. Hamidi, reminding the activities of CNJC and mentioned that some the cases that we are receiving  from the provinces are having little problems but in our monthly coordination meeting in CNJC we are finding solution to those problems and taking decision . 

Than Mohammed Alif Arfani General director of Prosecution mentioned that recently CNJC had a lot of achievements and success in the area of intoxicating counter narcotics crime. He emphasized that there should be as much transparency in the discovery of cases as there are clear justice are taken here in relevant judiciary system.

 The director of Primary Court has welcomed Minister of Interior Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to CNJC and she added "There is no doubt that the police are on the battlefield to detect and detain drug traffickers and have made many casualties, but unfortunately in a number of drug trafficking cases from the  provinces that are being prosecuted. There are some mistakes available,
 She emphasized that number of cases that are having problems coming to this center we are jointly correcting and taking together decision regarding them in the monthly leadership meeting. 

   "Creating a space for advancing joint work to achieve a single goal is a success," said Massoud "Andrabi the Interior Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, after giving a speech and thanking the leadership of CNJC.

the Interior Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan emphasized that there are undoubtedly some people  in the  police  who engage in illegal activities , but do not forget that the overwhelming majority of the police are honest, courageous, professional people  of this homeland who love their  country ( Afghanistan) are defending from this country . He requested from CNJC leadership to cooperate with the Ministry of Interior to find out the identity of those police who are involved in illegal activities so that such persons can be identified, detained, and transferred to the country's judicial authorities for for the purposes of law enforcement against them.

At the end Massoud "Andrabi the Interior Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan promised to  the authorities of CNJC for Combating Drugs  and  said that police will make every effort to detect and arrest the drug traffickers.